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NeTouchePas- Self Portraits in the Age of COVID

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posted on 20.08.2020, 02:02 authored by Fiona ChatteurFiona Chatteur
NeTouchePas is a digital illustration that was part of the curated online exhibition with Gallery Lane Cove, Australia entitled "Self-portraits in the age of COVID". It's title is French for "Don't Touch". It is a reflection on emotions when dealing with the social isolation during the lockdown period imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic.
The work looks at the face, the germs and representation of the COVID19 virus itself. The covering of the lower part of the image in blue represents the facemask. Blocking the mouth, smothering emotions, barring communication.
The work mixed natural media (graphite pencil sketch) with a digital photomontage.
It does not embody in physical form, purely digital, it is as ephemeral as the virus itself. Untouchable but perceivable.
It is submitted as a non-traditional research output.


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