Exploring Representations of Interactive Space

2019-03-19T23:47:30Z (GMT) by Jordan Browne
Space has been conceived in many different ways by as many different disciplines. Lefebvre and Harvey suggest conceptions of space as approaches to understanding human interactions within our world. These same conceptions can be employed in a discussion of interactive space and how it is experienced and engaged with. Additionally, the very nature of interactivity facilitates other ideas that can be used to understand its landscape such as recursive space and the notion of how a person's perception of a space impacts their engagement with it.

This research explores representations of interactive space within screen mediated environments. The work uses existing conceptions of space to understand interactivity as well as to inform new ways of challenging the stability of these spaces both theoretically and practically. The project takes a practice-led approach involving the creation and conceptualisation of my own work to theorise some of the possibilities of interactive media. The intent of this study is not so much to define interactive space in its entirety but rather to explore some of the potential ways that it can be theorised using a practice-led approach through the theoretical frameworks of assemblage and affect which, for me, are deeply embedded in the constructions of these spaces.

Research Commons, University of Waikato https://researchcommons.waikato.ac.nz/handle/10289/8443