Theorizing Gamified Virtual Reality Approach to Overcome Fear of Height

2019-03-19T23:30:47Z (GMT) by Imran Khaliq J. Fowles Moore Callan
The use of virtual reality as a form of exposure therapy for people who suffer from acrophobia (fear of height) has been proved and tested by multiple studies. In this paper, we initiate gamified virtual reality approach to overcome fear of height by providing a design implementation theory. We call this theory High Engagement and Low Intensity-Low Engagement and High Intensity. This theory adds a gamified element to the virtual environment. The idea here is to have game engagement at its highest and intensity of the acrophobia at its minimum in the virtual environment at the start of the treatment. As the treatment progresses, the engagement in the game starts decreasing and the intensity of the phobia starts increasing. The implementation provides two parameters (engagement and intensity) that could be adjusted independently according to the patient needs. We also evaluate the base of our theory through a pilot study.

Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering, LNICST (2018) 233 173-182