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conference contribution
posted on 08.11.2019, 02:45 authored by Anita ManfredaAnita Manfreda, Rajka PresburyRajka Presbury, Scott Richardson
Tourists are becoming more discerning and hedonistic, seeking luxury, not based on products and
services, but on authentic experiences, thus impacting how the accommodation sector responds to
new customer needs. This paper suggests that a relationship exists between the notion of guest
experience and tourist’s perception of authenticity in luxury specialist accommodation, which
could assist industry practitioners in strengthening customer’s satisfaction. From an interpretivist,
multiple case-study methodology, this paper seeks to explore the concepts of guest experience and
perception of authenticity in specialist luxury accommodation in Australia, proposing a conceptual
framework for a future research study, aimed to draw substantial findings in the field of luxury
specialist accommodation, guest experience and authenticity.

To cite this article: Manfreda, Anita; Presbury, Rajka and Richardson, Scott. Perceptions of authenticity: Australian luxury specialist accommodation experiences [online]. In: CAUTHE 2019: Sustainability of Tourism, Hospitality & Events in a Disruptive Digital Age: Proceedings of the 29th Annual Conference. Cairns, QLD: Central Queensland University, Australia, 2019: 19-25.


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